WMC is a dynamic and flexible company with large competences and long experience in each of the following product-lines : Fans, Drives, Pumps, Valves, Pipes, Flanges, Seals, Fittings

Considering the special and continuously evolving needs of our customers, we regularly design and launch new products and production-lines.
We are now capable of offering a nice, diversified range of products for each of our 8 product-lines.  We handle critical applications and special alloys.

WMC is on its way to become the international TOP-BRAND for industrial parts and equipment. Only the best quality is good enough for the heart of our customer’s processes. Using our stringent supplier selection-procedures and quality-control processes, we filter among the hugely available industrial investment goods in this global world and we only add the best qualified mechanical, electrical and electro-mechanical components to become and remain part of our specialized product-range.

We don’t take any chances when it comes to the quality of our products and the entire satisfaction of our customers. Our materials are used in all kinds of critical applications and processes in the heavy industry, where high reliability, trouble-free operation, minimum maintenance requirements, low energy-consumption are required and appreciated. We also developed a range of special fan-products for high performance, comfortable and energy-efficient ventilation of large buildings.

The world is our playground. We have references in Europe, U.S.A., Australia, New-Zealand, Russia, Africa, Middle-east and Asia (China, Thailand). We focus on customers in the heavy industry such as cement, chemical & petro-chemical, glass, power-stations, steel, sugar.

The head-quarter of WMC is in Belgium, close to Brussels, in the heart of Europe, and in close proximity of famous international seaports such as Antwerp, Zee-Bruges and Rotterdam.


T. +32 2 567 09 41 | F. +32 2 706 56 21 | info@wmc-belgium.net

Be relaxed and feel happy, you are safe with us.
Our top quality components and equipment keep
the heart of your processes beating.