• Heavy duty, bespoke industrial fans (centrifugal and axial), blowers, vacuum pumps, annular ring pumps - for all media and all applications and in all materials.
  • Dampers : butterfly-, louvers- and high efficient inlet vane control dampers
  • Critical “fan-parts” for fan re-vamping purposes : impellers, shafts, rotors, transmission-parts.
  • High-level retro-engineering and re-vamping of old fan-systems while improving and modernizing the design to ensure longer life-times, better fan-performance and lower energy-consumption of the complete re-vamped fan-system.
  • Industrial ventilation fans such as HVLS-fans which are unique, large, high-ceiling building ventilation-fans (“a forgotten treasure”).
  • Jet fans and blowers (pneumatic, electric, venturi-blowers) for confined spaces.


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